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From tale to talent

Our 6-step recruitment marketing process. For each position you'd like to collaborate with us, this Master Roadmap ensures involvement, clarity, efficiency, and is meant to build up trust between your company and candidates.

1. Kick-off

  • The foundation of any recruitment process.
  • In-depth questions like: why is the position open, the current situation, or for how long is it open and the challenges met, the complexity of the project, the skills needed for the position, tech stack, way of working, budget available, steps in the recruitment process etcetera.
  • Setting the correct expectations in terms of market background.
  • Anticipate any possible further challenges (e.g. what the market has to offer for the technologies needed vs. budget available, flexibility of job location, making the recruitment process more efficient and user-friendly).

2. Sourcing

  • Now that we defined the candidate persona in the kick-off meetings, we get straight to sourcing. We put our know-how and creativity to work with job titles and technologies, using boolean strings or A.I. tools (to name a few) to find where the best people are hiding.
  • We use a multi channel sourcing approach, tailoring the search depending on each industry or niche. Communities vary and we dive deep into them accordingly.

3. Outreach

Our outreach strategy:

  • is all about what’s in it for them
  • turns people’s heads, attracts them and gets them open to having a chat with us
  • sets foot into an out of reach market, where recruiters are rarely allowed
  • turns passive candidates into curious, potentially interested candidates
  • builds a positive reputation in the market for your company, from advertising and marketing to PR and employer branding

4. Screening

  • We go into the fine details from the kick-off meetings and from the job description.
  • We clarify the information from the outreach and from the job advertisement, giving candidates a complete introduction to your company.
  • We go through their past and current projects, tech stack, challenges and successes, motivations, areas of improvement, expectations from a future employer etcetera.
  • We ensure that candidates understand the business and that they are as good or better than they look at a first glance.

5. Profile

  • Evaluation process – We double check if the candidates’ profiles are in harmony with your requirements.
  • Recommendation – Truth be told, people who aren’t looking for a professional change don’t have their CVs updated. The recommendation is the essence of the screening. It includes everything from soft to technical skills, relevant, updated and coherent information needed by your Hiring Manager or technical team.

6. AdvisorsEnd-to-End

  • Market insights
  • Suitable, well informed and motivated candidates
  • Keeping candidates up to date at any given time during the process
  • Stats, reports and analytics of our activity
  • Proposing solutions to the challenges met during the process, backed by market feedback and analytics
  • Salary negotiation
  • Positive candidate experience aka detailed and constructive feedback

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Flawless partnerships with Talentocrat! From way of communication and coordination, response time, feedback to and from candidates, analytics area in the recruitment process, to openness to feedback. I recommend them without hesitation!

Iulia DomșaSr. Talent Acquisition Advisor @ Zitec

Georgiana and her team are outstanding. They've helped us find the right people for our team in various roles - from engineering to marketing. They listen to our needs, present qualified candidates and stay on top of the process. If you're building a world class team and need help with recruiting look no further! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you'd like to learn more about our experience.

Anton TonevCo-Founder @ InspectHOA

I was pleasantly impressed to discover people who love what they do, who care about candidates and who are engaged and dedicated throughout the recruitment process. We had a wonderful partnership for a few software development positions in our company and I highly recommend them!
I love it when I see people who are passionate about what they do, and the results are the best proof!

Raluca VaradiEMEA TA Partner @ Vertiv


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